through the lensbaby | february 2015

A goal of mine this year is to start sharing and blogging again. So it’s the perfect time to jump right in with the fantastic blog circle Through the Lensbaby. I love the way we see so differently through a Lensbaby lens.  For me it always feels like it adds that extra depth and texture.   Be sure to make your way through our circle to see the work of many talented artists and friends of mine, I can’t wait to see what everyone did this month! Next up is Sally Kate from Dallas, TX!








voice competition

VoiceCompBlogClickin Moms is a fabulous online photography community of which I am honored to be a member, mentor, and teacher assistant for many workshops.  Recently there was a call for entry for their Voice Competition and I’m so excited to share that I had one image selected out of 8,000 in the category of Rule Breaker.  There are so many wonderful photos across 14 categories, check it out here!



through the lensbaby – march 2014

a gift that is mine

wrapped up in messy, dirty

silly and gigg’ly

my boys are non stop. their mouths never stop running, just like their feet. they’re stinky and sweaty and think it’s funny when their toot smells more than their brother’s toot.  they can do the chicken dance in unison, and laugh hysterically at one another, for no reason. i am lucky to be their mommy.  i’m blessed but it is beyond my ability to comprehend why i was given such a great gift of being able to raise them. who am i? what did i do to deserve such beautifulness in my life? i try to take even just a few seconds every single day to stop. pause. and remember that even though being mommy all.the.time is hard, this is my calling. they’re a gift. wrapped up in messy, dirty, giggly, squirmy and loving little guys who will grow up some day to be caring, loving, and giving grown men.


do you know what that is? never having heard this word before i was intrigued when  i came across the concept in a photography workshop that I am a teacher’s assistant in over on ClickinMoms called Photographing with Heart & Vision.   Jodi Arego is an amazing teacher (and friend!).  this is one of my favorite workshops to date.  anyway the concept in brief terms is….. the times when time seems to stop.  kairos is the time that makes time matter.  kairos is what gives our lives meaning.  and that is what i wanted to explore when I brought my  lens to my eye this time with these shots of my children.  these moments that i tried to explain above that just stop me in my tracks — the type of bliss i seek each and everyday. i hope these touch you in some way.  <3



031014_8254epb 031014_8116epb

he’s really sleeping here ;)




these were all taken with my lensbaby composer pro and edge 80 for my lensbaby blog circle that I am honored to be a part of each month.  if you haven’t had a chance to go around the circle yet, please do and visit with the very talented Caroline Jensen.  her work is so unique and beautiful.



through the lensbaby – february 2014

you want me to walk in ‘doz woodz momma’?

sometimes it doesn’t matter what i say… they’re not going to do what i want them to  ;)




i must go back here with a willing subject

the light is gorgeous – shot with my lensbaby composer pro & edge 80 mah favorite!

follow our circle around and see what heather meyer is up to with her lensbaby


photographic theory… january 2014

So…. I have joined a new blog circle group.  (gasp)! ;)  but this one is different in a way….. it’s called the Critical Theory of Photography or as I think I will note it each month – Photographic Theory.  Sounds deep right?  Well, my hope is that it will be.  I need a push to go deeper with my photography.  I’m not sure yet if this will be my sole project this year as to what will help me dig deeper into my passion but I know it can’t hurt.  Photography for me is sort of like chocolate.  I crave it and I need it in order to exist, don’t you?  Chocolate I mean ;)  If you don’t need chocolate, well then…. I don’t know what to say. ;)

I have this deep desire to document what is in my heart and in my mind and yes, there are many times I get stuck or not sure what to do with this passion of mine or how to create what I see in my head and make it something that not only makes me happy but somehow brings joy to others. But no matter what I always have this desire to explore my life through my lens if that makes sense. That is what I love about being a serious hobbyist and shooting for me, shooting what I love and what makes me happy.  And…one of the reasons I chose the name Everyday Photo Bliss.  But to be honest I’ve never felt I have lived up to that name.  Anyway,  this group is different than other photography blog circles you may have had the pleasure to peruse.  Some months there may be 5 of us musing over what we’ve read and some months there may be 15 of us.  But every month we will delve in to a book  authored by someone related to photography.   Our hope is to focus on the texts and how it relates to our life photographically.  Because for those of us in this circle, it’s critical to us, to our beings to delve deeper into what moves us photographically.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey this year as I explore this new avenue of learning and growth.  <3

This month our book is “The Mind’s Eye” by the legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson . I hate lengthy blog posts because it’s really about the photos for me.  But I want to share just a little bit about something he wrote and has had an impact on me these last couple weeks.  One of the main points I took from Cartier-Bresson is his belief  of how we must – as photographers, continually balance the elements in motion, how our eye’s are always evaluating.   One must be able to find a  balance of what is in our mind’s eye through perpetual evaluation.  This book is an interesting read and I could go on and on… but one thing that really stood out to me is this:  He goes on to say…. “The photographer is searching for identity of his sitter, and also trying to fulfill an expression of himself.”  This really struck a chord in me.  Because as I search for the identity of each of my children via a portrait, how much is honest and real of them? or is it a reflection of me and who I am? Am I searching for what I want to see or create as an individual?  He also said “We must neither try to manipulate reality while we are shooting, nor manipulate the results in the darkroom.  These tricks are patently discernible to those who have eyes to see.”    And I ask myself, can I as a photographer still create raw, organic imagery if asking my subject to engage with me in some way??? Can I still be authentic, real, and honest in telling their story?

I haven’t quite answered that yet. I’m still thinking on this quite a lot.  As many of my photography friends and I have discussed, one thing that is so important as a photographer is to show a real, honest, and authentic photo of my subject, whatever that may be.  I want my viewer to be able to feel as though they know ‘my child’ or ‘me’ or whatever it is that I’ve created and put out there – a little bit better, and have it have some emotional impact on them.  This is more food for thought, for me really…. am I capturing my boys just being them? or am I capturing what I want to see?  I’ll leave it at that.  It’s definitely something I will continue to work through photographically and mentally.  For now, this week I really concentrated on my everyday bliss, my boys, being them.  This is how I shoot most of the time.  I need to get back to ‘this’.  Documenting their lives, our lives, and without their knowledge of me even shooting them.  My camera is sort of another appendage as most of you know ;) so even when they do discover my super sleuth shooting they quickly go back to what they were doing.  I am blessed.  I would love to know what you think about my story telling.  <3  Don’t forget to go around the circle… next up is the talented and sweet Lissa Chandler






through the lensbaby … january 2014

beginning of a new year brings me hope of the beginnings of more growth and more love in my life. i strive to find beauty in everything i see – for that in and of itself brings me peace and much needed bits of quiet to my mind.  i always am surprised when i find such beauty in the simplest of things in my own backyard like i did this morning….. through my lensbaby  i find beauty, texture, quiet and warmth.  please follow the circle around and visit the work of my sweet friend Emma Wood to see what she sees through her lensbaby this month.  xo



it’s the little things – december…. family

Well, the year is almost over.  And I’m back with the final installment for our blog circle ‘it’s the little things’.  When I think about all of the fantastic milestones my boys have made throughout the year, and that WE, my husband and I as well, have achieved, personally and professionally  the one thing that always is at the front of my mind as being the most important accomplishment is that we have stayed together, just like glue, through thick and thin, as a family.  That’s success – and that’s what matters to me most is my family.  There is nothing more amazing than having a family that you can depend on and share all of your love with forever and ever.   I can’t imagine not being able to hear all the I love you’s that I hear throughout the day, and the laughter and the silliness and even the chaos.  Family is what you make it and it’s all worth it, all the hard work, all the struggling, everything.  No doubt I’m blessed, and right where I am supposed to be. Just a few photos of my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Please visit my very talented and sweet friend Sarah Carlson  and she what she is sharing about family.  Happy New Year!










through the lensbaby… november

destination beach

white pelicans from the north

unexpected sight






please join me by going around our small little circle this month beginning with my sweet friend Caroline Jensen.  She makes beautiful and inspiring art go see what she has posted this month.



it’s the little things – november

chaos… can i call that a staple in our home?  like, bread, or milk, or butter?  ;)  why yes, i think i can and i will.  we all know and can identify with chaos.  but you know i had to look up the definition just for the fun of it.

noun: chaos; plural noun: chaoses
complete disorder and confusion.


that pretty much sums up many many times through out my day.  but i’m usually the one that is completely confused.  haha try having 4 under the age of 7 talking to you constantly AT THE SAME TIME, or running around like wild animals contained in a cage much too small and you can’t seem to distance yourself quite deep enough in the back of your closet to drown out the noise.  ;) do you have a pretty good visual yet? maybe you can relate.   i have been thinking about how our life with boys is very chaotic., however, i wouldn’t trade it for anything.  well, mostly not.

just the other day i thought i would play with my lensbaby composer pro + sweet 35 and take some photos in the trios room because now that they have new beds i discovered that there is some dramatic light that comes in on one of the beds for a bit in the morning.  i called one boy, just one.  and got one nice calm photo.


and then….. well, 2 more had to join, and of course nature took it’s course, and chaos erupted.  and you know what? i’m okay with it.  i have to be anyway, i don’t really have much choice.  and it’s just these little things like chaos that will be a distant memory and before i know it i won’t be able to enjoy their little charades that make them laugh and giggle.  i’m going to miss that.  join me in going around the circle and see how chaos plays a role in Megan’s life.  her photos always tell a beautiful story.





it’s the little things – october

i just can’t believe it’s October already and this month our blog circle is exploring the theme ‘new’.  were you expecting something fall or autumn related?  ;)

well, new works for me because it seems that every time i turn around my boys have discovered something new that they like to do or are really good at.  people ask me all the time about the personalities of the trio, are they the same? how do you tell them apart? i find it to be kind of a ridiculous question, although i understand if one has never been around a set of multiples it could be a concept that is hard to grasp.  just because they’re identical does not mean that they are the same person times three!

each one of the boys have such unique personalities.  they have different likes and dislikes in food, playmates, choices of books, the way they learn, i could go on and on but you get the idea.  colton is really into coloring, drawing and creating at the moment.  this is a new discovery.  it’s these little things that i want to remember in my boys lives.  i really really hope that this new discovery will stay with him.  my husband as some of you know is a crazy talented artist in woodworking and oil painting.  so i am keeping my fingers crossed that some of that artistic ability passed on through the dna.  i hope you enjoy this little capture of my son this morning as he draws, creates, and learns to write new words.  these are the little things….  be sure to go around the circle to see what my friend Elicia Graves has blogged about, it will not disappoint!

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